Life Science

The Health care/Life Science-cluster is run by Team Sweden in China and aims to combine the efforts of businesses, organizations and public entities in a network which aims to promote Swedish innovation and presence in the Chinese market in the field of health care/life science.

The official Swedish organizations present in China have designated the healthcare/life science sector as strategically significant and the short and long term goals are to increase knowledge and awareness of Swedish brands, companies and systemic solutions in the sector.

Sweden currently has an extensive partnership with China in the field of Healthcare and Life Science. In May 2006 a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) was established between Sweden and China, which was followed up with an action plan for 2011-2014. The action plan focuses on the following areas:

  • Political action plan for support to the elderly and disabled
  • E-health
  • Disease control
  • Antimicrobial resistance
  • Mental health
  • Promotion of health
  • Cancer treatment.

With this partnership as a basis, there are many prospects for Swedish companies and organizations in China in the field of Life Science to approach the Chinese leadership and authorities thanks to:

  • Sweden was the first western country to establish diplomatic relations with the People’s Republic of China (in 1950).
  • There is great confidence in Sweden and its brands are important for companies who wish to establish relations with Chinese counterparties.
  • Team Sweden has extensive experience in generating meaningful relationships with Chinese ministries and authorities.
  • Team Sweden has interactions with Chinese authorities at several different levels and therefore more potential high level Chinese contacts.

The Life Science-project conducts work that focuses on:

  • Creating general channels of communication that can increase interest and understanding of Swedish Life Science solutions.
  • Promote deeper and broader collaboration between Sweden and China in the field of Life Science.
  • Organize activities, such as round table discussions, seminars, delegations.

Therefore the Life Science project can offer companies and organizations:

  • Possibility of generating contacts with desired counterparts at the national level.
  • Assistance with influencing policy by utilizing existing channels of communication with the Chinese government and its authorities.
  • To act as a representative in discussions with ministries, universities and other relevant organizations.
  • Communications platforms such as websites and print media in Chinese.

The executive group in Life Science consists of:

  • Project manager (Business Sweden).
  • Project coordinator and contact person.
  • Representatives with operational function from the Embassy of Sweden in Beijing and Business Sweden.
  • Companies, institutions and regional promotional organizations.

For further information and enquiries, please contact Oscar Edström, Second Secretary, at the Embassy of Sweden in Beijing.