Breakfast meeting

  • Breakfast meeting at the Swedish Residence

    Ambassador Charlotte Sammelin with Mr. George Pitsilis Photo: Jonathan Takahashi

Ambassador Charlotte Sammelin hosted a breakfast meeting for Swedish company representatives at the Residence on Thursday 2 November.

The topic of the meeting was taxes and the guest of honor was the Governor of the Independent Authority for Public Revenue Mr. George Pitsilis. Pitsilis presented the current situation in Greece, how we will see changes in a few years and the importance of recruiting new skilled people. He highlighted fairness, transparency ...and tax certainty.

A conducive discussion followed and Pitsilis showed great interest in questions and comments from the business representatives. Keywords from the discussion were stability and certainty.

Additionally, Ambassador Sammelin briefed the guests about taxes from a Swedish perspective, reviewed the positive economic outlook in Sweden and described how Sweden is working for fair jobs and growth, with the Gothenburg summit coming up in November. Sammelin also highlighted how close relationship Sweden has with its employees and how Stockholm is booming economically.

Deputy Head of Mission Patrik Svensson shared information about the Swedish trade perspective. He mentioned the Embassy of Greece in Stockholm now has two officers dealing with trade. Svensson presented upcoming promotional events that the Embassy will have.

The Chairman of the Hellenic-Swedish Chamber of Commerce, Mr. John Saracakis, spoke about the importance of building trust and having stability.