“Something Must Break” at Outview Film Festival

Swedish Participation at Outview Film Festival.

7-15 May, @Tainiothiki tis Elladas (Greek Film Archive Foundation), Iera Odos 48, Metro
station: Kerameikos, Athens 

9th Outview Film Festival: Athens International Gay & Lesbian Film Festival makes its
return May 7 - 15 at Tainiothiki. 

During this year's Outview Film Festival one Swedish film will be screened:“Something
Must Break” (Ester Martin Bergsmark, Sweden, 81’, 2014) on May 13th. 

The Swedish Film Institute Database (about the film

Tickets are: 5 € for a single screening, 8 € for a whole day and 50 € for a season ticket.

The screening of the Swedish film is supported by the Swedish Embassy.

For more information please visit www.outview.gr Facebook:

Don’t forget to check out the latest about Swedish film at the following websites: http://sweden.se/culture/swedish-film-more-than-just-bergman/