17th Thessaloniki Documentary Festival, 13-22 March 2015

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    17th Thessaloniki Documentary Festival Photo: Banner

4 Swedish films, 2 world premieres.

The 17th ‪‎Thessaloniki ‎Documentary ‎Festival - Images of the 21st Century opens today and will run until March 22, featuring 185 short and feature films from around the world, along with a rich programme of events.

The following Swedish films are going to be screened with the support of the Swedish Embassy:

  • STORM IN THE ANDES, March 13th at Cassavetes at 17:30 and again on the 14th at Marketaki at 15:00
  • CONQUERING CHINA, March 13th at Frida Liappa cinema at 23:00 and again on the 14th at Pavlos Zannas at 13:00
  • CRISIS DOCUMENT. A SURVIVAL GUIDE, March 18th at Frida Liappa cinema at 15:30 and again on the 19th at Stavros Tornes at 18:00 (International Premiere). The directors Elisabeth MARJANOVIC CRONVALL and Marta DAULIUTE will attend the festival to present the film.
  • EVERY FACE HAS A NAME, March 18th at 20:00 at Cassavetes theater and again on the 20th at Liappa at 15:30. (International Premiere). The director Magnus GERTTEN will be attending.

For more information about the films please check via the festival’s website.

For more information regarding Swedish Film read here.