Embassy staff

  • Ambassador

    Ambassador Charlotte Sammelin Photo: Swedish Government Offices

The following people work at the Embassy of Sweden in Athens, Greece:

Mrs Charlotte Sammelin
E-mail: charlotte.sammelin@gov.se

Mrs Niki Grypari
Secretary to the Ambassador
E-mail: niki.grypari@gov.se

Patrik Svensson
E-mail: patrik.svensson@gov.se

Ms Anna Areschoug
Head of Administration & Consular affairs
E-mail: anna.areschoug@gov.se

Mrs Ritva Wahlgren
Third Secretary
E-mail: ritva.wahlgren@gov.se

Mrs Sofia Keramida
Communication and Cultural Affairs Officer
E-mail: sofia.keramida@gov.se

Mrs Merja Skotidas
Consular Officer
E-mail: merja.skotidas@gov.se

Mrs Despina Tsoukala
Migration Officer
E-mail: despina.tsoukala@gov.se

Mr Christos Liakopoulos
Front Desk Officer/Consular Assistant
E-mail: christos.liakopoulos@gov.se

Ms Orsia Fragkou
Cashier & Administrative Officer
E-mail: orsia.fragkou@gov.se

Mr Theo Karakassis
E-mail: theodor.karakassis@gov.se

Mr Jonathan Takahashi  
E-mail: jonathan.takahashi@gov.se