Fee list

  • Canal of Djurgården

    Canal of Djurgården Photo: Werner Nystrand

For applications handed in at the Embassy of Sweden in Ankara new fees are valid from 15 February 2017. The fee is to be paid into account number TR88 0006 2001 3610 0006 2985 93 and the account holder is the ‘Swedish Embassy’ at Garanti Bank Kugulu Park Branch. Please pay the exact amount.


* Ordinary passport 520,-TL
* Provisional (emergency) passport  600,-TL
* Aliens passports 280,-TL
* Provisional aliens passport 190,-TL
* National Identification Card   520,-TL

Residence Permits 

* Residence/work permit (to work) / Main applicant  750,-TL
   - Accopanying adult 370,-TL
   - Accompanying child 190,-TL
* Residence/work permit (family reunification) / Main applicant 560,-TL
   - Accopanying adult 560,-TL
   - Accompanying child 280,-TL 
* Residence permit for students / Main applicant  370,-TL 
   - Accopanying adult  370,-TL 
   - Accompanying child  190,-TL 


* Airport transit  240,-TL 
* Transit visa  240,-TL 
* Visa for stay not exceeding 90 days  240,-TL 
* Children under the age of six  no charge 
* Chidren between the age of six and twelve 140,-TL
* Children over the age of twelve 240,-TL


* Certificate of existence  no charge 
* Other certificates and approvals 60,-TL 

Driving license

* Renewal of driving license (if the fee not paid in Sweden) 150,-TL
* Renewal of driving license (if the fee paid in Sweden) 60,-TL