Residence permit cards

When granted a residence permit, you will receive a residence permit card which proves that you have permission to enter and be in Sweden. The card features a microchip that contains your fingerprints and photograph .

The card is valid for as long as your residence permit, but never for more than five years. For more information about UT-cards visit The Migration Agency's website Swedish Migration Agency.

When you apply for a residence permit at the Swedish Embassy in Amman your biometrics (photo, fingerprints and signature) are taken usually in connection with the lodging of the application and undergoing the interview. Have you applied for a residence permit electronically your biometry will be taken when you visit the Embassy to present the application documents in original and undergo an interview.

The general rule is that the residence permit must be granted and the UT-card picked up before entering Sweden. It can take up to four weeks, from the time you have received your decision, for the card to be made and sent to the Embassy.

To know when the Embassy has received the UT-card please see contact information.

You can then pick up your UT-card in person and do not forget to bring your passport. You can also authorize (give power of attorney to) another person to receive the UT-card on your behalf. The power of attorney has to be signed by the applicant / holder of permit and must be presented for the Embassy as well as a copy of the passport. You find the power of attorney at the top of this page. If you authorize DHL to pick up the card you must pay for the transportation costs yourself.

If you are citizen of Lebanon you can choose to have your fingerprints and photo taken at any Swedish Embassy in the region (please visit the website of the Embassy you have chosen for information about openings hours and procedures.) Please click here if you choose to come to the Embassy in Amman.

Stateless Palestinians that reside legally in Lebanon or Syria and have been granted residence permits in Sweden can apply for national D-visas at the Swedish Honorary Consulate General in Beirut. The application fee is 60 euro. After being granted such a visa they can enter Sweden and have their biometrics taken and UT-card ordered and delivered in Sweden at the Swedish Migration Agency.