Quotes from Our Partners

“On behalf of The National Council for Women, I would like to extend my heartfelt appreciation for the role played by the Swedish Institute in Alexandria, to create awareness among the Egyptian people about how to face and combat the violence against women, specially the part related to sexual harassment.  The campaign initiated by the Institute, and supported by the Council was very effective, versatile and appreciated. I wish we can always join hands and brains, in our efforts to promote women issues and create the ideal Egyptian society we are all aiming for in our new Egypt.”
Ambassador Mona Omar, Secretary General, National Council for Women

“In my experience the work of the Swedish Institute is progressive, transparent, and supportive. ABAAD was able to hold the 1st regional conference on masculinities with the Swedish Institute's support, and that dedication to future work on this topic with organizations from the region continues to this day. They value the participatory approach, and are true partners in the goal of working towards Gender Equality in the MENA Region.”
ABAAD Resource Center for Gender Equality

"Within the storms and the breezes sweeping over the Arab World, my partnership with the Swedish Institute remained a successful, stable and secure platform for dialogue, discussions, and great achievements. Together we have successfully outreached NGOs and governments in the Arab World as well as Europe; we have strengthened young newborn organizations and gave them a chance to become important players. To this day, my partnership with the Swedish institute has been a model of North South cooperation that I am proud of and would highly recommend!!"
Magda Zaki    - Minister Plenipotentiary at the League of Arab States

“There is no doubt that the Swedish Institute Alexandria, throughout its history, has played an important and active role as a respectable platform for dialogue. It is a platform for objective discussions between different parties    about all the political, economic and social issues of concern, not only to the Egyptian society but to the whole Arab World.  In this regard, the Institute has opened its doors to everyone, without discrimination on the basis of color, race, religion or cultural, social or political affiliation. We wish SwedAlex continuous success in its enlightening role in all fields, and we are pleased to cooperate with it in this regard.”
Anissa Hassouna Chairman of the Board of Trustees “Enlightened Egypt Foundation” Board Member and Treasurer - Egyptian Council for Foreign Affairs

I believe that the youth movements project the Arab Forum for Alternatives is working on, supported by SwedAlex, had its positive effect on the knowledge and skills of more than 25 young women and men, from 12 youth movements working on the social level. This was visibly reflected on their performance in the last few months. In the past two years, working with the Swedish Institute Alexandria has added a lot to us in the Forum, whether by giving us the opportunity to work with youth movements, which enriched our visions and capacities, or by continuous cooperation and consultations with SwedAlex team which expressed a real partnership spirit that civil work in Egypt greatly lacks."
Mohamed Elagati - Researcher & Executive Director of the Arab Forum for Alternatives

“We had the honor to cooperate with the Swedish institute in those 2 awesome events (Biking events in Cairo and Alexandria in connection with the Anti-Harassment Initiative). It was a great experience."
GO BIKE Cycling Team