• Per Enarsson

    H.E. Mr Per Enarsson Photo: MFA

Sweden's diplomatic relations with Eritrea are handled by H.E. Ambassador Per Enarsson, who is based in Stockholm. The Ambassador makes regular visits to the region.

The Stockholm based ambassadors are supported by an office (UD KSS) at the Ministry for Foreign Affairs.

There is a Swedish Honorary Consulate in Asmara.
Contact information to the Consulate in Asmara

Valuable to register your stay abroad

If you are a Swedish citizen or if you are holder of a Swedish permanent residence permit and you travel to Eritrea, it is important for your own safety to register your stay abroad on Sweden Abroad. This means that the Swedish Ministry for Foreign Affairs knows how to get in touch with you in case of emergency. 

The information is confidential and will not be forwarded to other authorities.

The Ministry for Foreign Affairs provides this possibility for all Swedes abroad. You register by the following link by writing your name, personal data, address and length of stay abroad.

You can register your stay abroad by this link on Sweden Abroad!

Passport applications

Passport applicants are advised to renew their passport on their next visit to Sweden, or to contact the closest Swedish embassy.
Embassy of Sweden in Nairobi
Embassy of Sweden in Khartoum

Schengen visas

Concerning application for Schengen visas - please contact the Embassy of Italy in Asmara.

Read more at the Italian Embassy's website

Applying for residence permit to settle in Sweden

People living in Eritrea who wish to apply for a residence permit in Sweden must do so online.

If you are living in Eritrea and wish to apply for a residence permit in Sweden to be reunited with family members, you should submit your application online. Applications via the internet are sent directly to the Swedish Migration Agency in Sweden, which starts processing your case.

As of 1 June 2016, the honorary consulate in Asmara does not accept applications for residence permits in paper form. If you are not able to apply online, please ask your family members in Sweden to fill out the electronic application form, attach copies of documents and pay any application fee. You must be able to prove your identity with a passport, a copy of which must be enclosed with the application.

Also, you need to give your family member in Sweden a power of attorney, if this person is to represent you and have contact with the Swedish Migration Agency during the processing of the case.

In your application form you must state where you wish to be interviewed. If you wish to be interviewed at the honorary consulate in Asmara, you must always state the Swedish Embassy in Nairobi.

The interview will be held some time after you have submitted your application, but this will not prolong the time for a decision to be taken. It is not possible to book an appointment or be interviewed before you are notified by the Swedish Migration Agency. The Swedish Migration Agency will send an invitation to book an appointment to the email address that your or your family member stated in your application.

When you receive an invitation to book an appointment, contact the Swedish Embassy in Nairobi by sending an email to:

There is no point in contacting the Embassy or honorary consulate before you receive the invitation.

Please find below information about residence permit for a parent of an unaccompanied child in Sweden: