Fraudulent activities regarding residence permit applications

It has come to the Embassy’s attention that several persons have been made to believe that by purchasing property in Sweden or establishing a Swedish company, they will be able to have a fast track for the necessary permits to live and work in Sweden. This is not the case.

The Embassy would highly recommend anyone interested in purchasing property in Sweden or registering a Swedish Company via private entrepreneurs in the UAE, to check the official regulations with the Embassy before finalizing any purchase.

The Embassy has seen several advertisements in UAE Newspapers with misleading information about the advantages of purchasing a property in Sweden or registering a company. It also notes that the cost for registering a company in Sweden via the advertiser is said to be AED 15 000. The actual cost to register a company in Sweden is around AED 500.

For information in English regarding residence permit in Sweden as a self-employed please read the fact sheet you can download on the right hand side of this page.