Visit for longer than 90 days – documents

If you wish to visit Sweden for more than 90 days, you need to apply for residence permit for a visit or, if you have special grounds, for a ‘D-visa’ (national visa).

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Applying for a residence permit for a visit

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The forms must be completed either in Swedish or in English. Documents issued by the authorities in your country of origin are to be submitted together with a translation in Swedish or English by an authorised translator. The original document has to be presented upon applying or correctly legalized by the competent authorities. Documents can be faxed or emailed when you are asked to complement your application. You should however be ready to present the original document upon request.

Please notice that the list here presented on the web page is not covering all possibilities and situations, since the applications are examined on their individual merits, further documents might be asked for

You need:

The form Application for a visitor’s permit.

The form Family details – appendix to your application.

A passport or some other valid travel document. This must:
- be valid for at least three months after your departure from the Schengen area
- contain at least two empty pages
- have been issued during the past ten years.

A copy of the first page in your passport, and of any extensions and/or name changes in the passport.

A copy of your ticket for the return journey.

And – if you are under 18 or are accompanied by children – the form Application for a visitor’s permit for a child. Note that additional documents are required for applicants under the age of 18. Check under ‘Minors – extra documents’.

The person you will be visiting in Sweden needs the following documents:

The form Invitation – If you wish to invite a relative or friend to visit you, in the original.

Civic registration/family certificate (personbevis) for the purpose of the invitation.

Documents showing that the visitor has adequate means of support during his/her stay in Sweden.


Application for a D-visa

You need:

The form National visa (D-visa) (available in English only)