The embassy has an electronic appointment scheduling system for application for passport / ID card, which means you in advance to reserve time to be sure to get a time that suits you. You book through the link below.

You must personally come to the embassy in Abu Dhabi to apply for a passport. The Embassy's passports office is open for applications of passports and ID’s by appointment Monday and Wednesday. 13:00 to 15:00. Handing out of passports and ID's without appointment during above mentioned hours.

To book: Book appointment

It takes about 2-3 weeks to receive the finished travel document, as passports and ID’s are produced in Sweden. You will receive information by e-mail when the passport arrives to the embassy and can be picked up at the above mentioned opening hours.

Detailed information on what you need to have with you at the time of application is available under the links "Passport and ID card for adults", respectively. "Passports and ID cards for children" in the left column.

Necessary forms should be completely filled out when you get to the Embassy.

The requirement that you should apply for a passport you live is no longer valid and you can apply for a passport at the police in Sweden or at any Swedish Embassy that acts as a passport authority.

Note! The Swedish honorary consulates will no longer accept applications for ordinary passports and national ID cards. However, they may continue to hand out passports and national ID cards, for an additional courier fee.