Visit to Comfit Composite Knit Ltd

  • IMG_1870

    RMG Factory Visit Photo: Mia Hallen

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    RMG Factory Visit Photo: Mia Hallen

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    RMG Factory Visit Photo: Mia Hallen

Our ambassador designate Johan Frisell and collaborators from the Swedish Embassy yesterday visited one of H&M's 300 RMG suppliers in Bangladesh, Comfit Composite Knit Ltd in Tangail.

During the visit, they had the opportunity to see the whole process from knitting, dyeing to printing and sewing. It gave insights in how a Swedish textile buyer and a Bangladeshi supplier jointly can work with corporate social responsibility.  It was a very interesting experience for all of them.

We thank the management team of Comfit Composite Knit for the warm welcome and the staff who took their time to show us their work and answer our questions.”