Trade with Sweden

The Embassy of Sweden and Business Sweden can help companies and investors with;

  • general information on economic development and business climate
  • contacts with relevant institutions, market actors and decision-makers
  • organizing participations in trade fairs and exhibitions, seminars and conferences
  • answering questions about Swedish exports to Zambia and about exporting to Sweden.

The Embassy further assists Zambian companies identifying export opportunities to Sweden and provides information about the Swedish and European Union  internal market.

The Embassy can also assist Zambian companies and public bodies with capacity building on trade related issues such as export procedures and international trade rules. Sweden, through the National Board of Trade, regularly organises training programs in this field, with Zambian participants.

Below you find a list of Swedish institutions dedicated to making it easier for foreign companies to make business with Sweden.

Business Sweden
Business Sweden is a partnership between the Government of Sweden and Swedish industry in order to promote, support and create opportunities for Swedish exports and investments. It offers general information on trade with Sweden, and can quickly (and free of charge) identify the right supplier for a prospective importer thanks to an extensive network in the Swedish industry.

National Board of Trade
The National Board of Trade (Kommerskollegium) is an independent government agency acting as an expert administrative authority on foreign trade and Swedish trade policies. The Board advocates an open and strong multilateral trading system, continued trade liberalisation and a simplification of trade procedures. It provides analyses of Swedish trade policies and information on i.e. import licences. The Board answers to enquiries free of charge.

Open Trade Gate Sweden
Open Trade Gate Sweden is a one-stop information centre assisting exporters from developing countries with information on rules and requirements in Sweden and the European Union. It covers areas such as customs procedures and preferences, labelling, packaging, health and sanitary requirements

Confederation of Swedish Enterprise
The Confederation of Swedish Enterprise (Svenskt Näringsliv) offer services to Swedish importers, wholesalers, suppliers and retailers. The Federation works for increased trade to Sweden and thus promotes free trade across borders. It aims at enhancing the awareness of the significance of trade and imports to Sweden. A special unit called the Import Council offers service to companies that want to export to Sweden, on i.e. import licences, border inspections, import documents and customs regulations. It assists companies in establishing contacts between suppliers from abroad and Swedish trade associations/companies and offers information on Swedish markets and trends.