Bilateral Development Cooperation with Zambia

Sweden has been cooperating with Zambia since 1965. Over the years Zambia has been one of the biggest recipients when it comes to Swedish development aid. The bilateral development cooperation with Zambia is guided by the results strategy for Sweden´s international development cooperation in Zambia for the period of 2013-2017 and comprises a maximum of SEK 1.75 billion

The results strategy governs the use of funds allocated under appropriation item 9 "Africa" in the Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency (Sida) appropriation directions for each financial year.

With the overall objective to continue to contribute to poverty reduction, the strategy aims to contribute to creating conditions for sustainable growth in Zambia, with the focus on increasing poor people's opportunities to support themselves by obtaining work and starting and running productive businesses, and on improving the basic health of women and children. Furthermore, Swedish development cooperation activities will contribute to strengthening democratic accountability and poor people's awareness of their rights.

The main target groups are women, children, young people and entrepreneurs.

Sweden's development cooperation activities in Zambia will contribute to further reducing Zambia's dependence on aid and making economic growth sustainable.

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