Trade with Sweden

The importance of the Polish market for Sweden is growing. Trade between the countries increased considerably in 2003 when the turnover was almost 29 billion SEK (exports from Sweden to Poland 28 billion, imports 29 billion). In both directions engineering products dominate. Semi manufactures are on the second place in both export and import. Swedish investments in Poland contribute to a large extent to the growing exports from Poland to Sweden.

All major Swedish companies are active on the Polish market and Sweden is the fourth largest investor in Poland and has a share of 9.56 % of the total foreign investments according to NBP. In 2009, Sweden invested 29 billion SEK in Poland according to SCB (Statistics Sweden). The CAGR of Swedish investments is at a level of 10.18 % in the last decade.

Vattenfall is at present the biggest Swedish investor in Poland. IKEA, Skanska, Volvo and Scania are other Swedish companies that have made great investments in Poland.
Polish share of total Swedish exports in 2010 is on a level of 2,6 %. Polish share of total Swedish imports in 2010 is on a level of 2,9 %.

Poland´s accession to the European Union had no doubt a positive impact on the economic exchange between Poland and Sweden. As a neighbouring country with a population of almost 40 million people  Poland has become as great a partner for Swedish industry as the Nordic countries.  

In the first quarter of 2011, the value of Swedish export to Poland amounted to approximately 7.5 billion SEK (about 825 million EUR) and was 16 % higher compared to the volume of Polish exports to Sweden in the corresponding period in 2010.
Poland has a 13th position in ranking among the largest exporters of goods and services on the Swedish market.
The value of Polish exports amounted in the period January - March 2011, to approximately 8.2 billion SEK (about 901 million EUR) and was higher by 14 % comparing with the same period in 2010.
Poland recorded a surplus in trade with Sweden in the first quarter of 2011 and it amounted to 700 million SEK (about EUR 77 million). The surplus in trade is on a consistent level since 2003.

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