The Embassy

Welcome to the Embassy of Sweden in Kabul, Afghanistan.

The Embassy was inaugurated on 30 October, 2008, by the Minister for Foreign Affairs, Mr. Carl Bidlt.

The Government decided on 19 december, 2007, that Sweden would establish an Embassy in Afghanistan.

With an ambassador in place Sweden will be better able to follow political developments in Afghanistan and participate actively in international cooperation taking place at local level and will have better access to the authorities in Kabul. This is particularly important in view of Sweden's extensive involvement in the reconstruction of the country and in the International Security Assistance Force in Afghanistan (ISAF) and well as the contributions planned by the Ministry of Defence to security sector reform (SSR). Since 2001 Afghanistan has been one of the foremost recipient countries for Swedish development assistance, and it is one of the countries that the Government has decided to focus on in the recent review of development assistance.

Visits to the Embassy:
By appointment only, switchboard +93(0)202 104 912 (telephone hours Sunday - Thursday 9-12 and 13-15.

Visa matters
Migration and visa matters are being handled by the Swedish Embassies in Islamabad, Teheran or New Delhi. For further information se respective Embassy web page.