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The Trade and Promotion Section of the Embassy of Sweden in Abu Dhabi and Business Sweden and the Swedish Business Council in Dubai cooperate closely in commercial matters. Together we constitute "Team Sweden" in the UAE.

The Embassy opened in early 2002. It covers two countries in the Gulf region - the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and Bahrain.

One of the main priorities of the Embassy is to promote and encourage Swedish trade and business as well as investments in and tourism to Sweden. This is an important building block of the bilateral relations between Sweden and the two countries that the Embassy covers.

The Trade and Promotion Section of the Embassy is well connected with local markets and works with stakeholders such as governments, the Swedish industry and private and public organizations and authorities.

The Embassy works in close co-operation with Business Sweden in Dubai and the Swedish Business Council (SBC) in Dubai. To visit their websites, please click on the links on the right side of this webpage. Together, we assist both Swedish, regional and local companies looking for business opportunities and bilateral partnerships. Information of general nature is provided free of charge. More comprehensive information and services are provided on assignment basis from Business Sweden and are subject to a charge.

Business Sweden in Dubai can offer a range of services to Swedish companies that are interested, or already are making business, in the Middle East as well as to potential investors in Sweden. Business Sweden can assist with:

• resourceful information on the local market and business opportunities
• advice and guidance on the applicable regulations and procedures for doing business and setting up a business in the region
• identifying qualified local business links, leads, counterparts and agents
• arranging visit programs and facilitate initial contact and introduction
• information on trade fairs and exhibitions taking place in the region, and co-ordinate Swedish company participation in such events
• information on and relation-building regarding investments in Sweden
• other business-related services on request

Companies in the UAE and Bahrain that are interested in trading with Sweden can also avail themselves of the services of the Trade and Promotion Section of the Embassy, which include:

• sourcing Swedish products, technologies, services, manufacturers and exporters
• Information on selected industry sectors and identifying sources of sector-specific information
• information on trade fairs and exhibitions taking place in Sweden
• information on investments in Sweden


Anette Nilsson Exner 
Deputy Head of Mission
Trade and Promotion Affairs

Fredrik Bodin
Trade Commissioner

Mr. Robert Bajo
First Secretary
Migration and Consular Affairs

Ahmad Basel
Communication Officer